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Frequently asked questions........

How far in advance do I need to book?
To insure that you get the date that you want, you should book at least 12 weeks in advance.  However, there are times that we may still have openings so give us a call.

Do we need special permits?
No, the horse and carriage has the same rights to the road as any other vehicle but you     should still call the town to inquire.

How far can we travel in the carriage?
A thirty minute ride covers about 2 miles.  We do not go more than 2 miles in one direction.

When does my time start?
Your time with the horse and carriage begins when we arrive at the time and destination requested on your contract for your pick up.

Does the carriage have a top?
The carriage has a folding top that can be put up if desired.  It gives about as much protection as an umbrella from the rain.

What about rain or cancellations?
A light sprinkle is not a problem.  However, heavy rain, wind, lightening, etc. is cause to cancel.  A 100% refund is guaranteed if we cancel due to weather or unforeseen situations.

Can alcohol be served in the carriage?
NJ laws prohibits the serving of alcohol as the carriage comes under the open container law.

Do the horses leave 'droppings' on the street?
No, the horses wear diapers which catch any manure.

Can I feed the horses treats?
We ask that you do NOT feed the horses, it will encourage them to bite. 

How many people come to attend the horses?
There is always two people that will attend your event per horse.

Are the horses safe?
Absolutely! we continue their training on a daily basis throughout their working life.